Andy’s Urth Pathfinder game:

The game will start at our house (contact me for an address if you don’t already know it), on January 25 at 2:00 pm and will continue monthly on Saturdays (usually) or Sundays (rarely).

There will be a pizza for dinner and snacks (chips & salsa, pita & hummus, possibly other snacks, feel free to contribute) but please bring $5 to help cover food costs. Cola and water will be available; if you prefer to drink something else B.Y.O.B.

If the weather gets too bad to drive, we have couches, a guest bed, and a blow-up mattress for use in case of such emergency. Feel free to bring alcohol, but please be responsible. Smoking is not permitted inside.

Please use only the core books to make your character (PG, APG, UC, UM, ARG, ect.). Check with me for anything you want to use from outside core.

Characters start out at level 3, ability scores are generated by a 20 point buy, and have 3000 gp start gold. Max HP for first three levels. You can take 2 traits, but no two can be from the same category. You may take a drawback for a third trait.

You can be any race but the following: Drow Noble, Fetchling, Suli, Svirfneblin, Centaur, Drider, Gargoyle, Ogre, Kasatha, Trox, Wyrwood, or Wyvaran.

You can also make a standard race (no more than three traits per category, no advanced or monstrous traits) using the race builder with up to 15 points.

Feel free to pick whatever god you want your character to worship, be that Pelor, Abadar, Thor, Posiden, Yoda, or Banjo the dancing clown.

Please develop at least two paragraphs of back story for your charter and answer the following:

Where did you come from?

What events shaped you?

What was your first adventure?

What problems does your character face?

Whose path have you crossed? Name at least two people.

Link to the World Map:

Andy's Urth

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