Andy's Urth

Day 1

The heroes where hired by seemingly insane Lord Faulkner to rescue a boy named Billy from unknown danger in the town of Addelton. They were promised 20,000 gold pieces plus expenses to accomplish the task in two weeks.

On the way to accomplish their mission they encountered and overcame some bandits that had recently robbed and murdered people traveling on a stagecoach.

They captured two bandits as prisoners and brought them to Addelton. Once there they turned over the prisoners to the local law enforcement.

After investigating the town and discovering it had suffered a recent earthquake they where about to turn in for the night when the town was attacked by zombies risen from the local graveyard. Investigating the graveyard after the fight they found secret tunnels which they are in the process of investigating to discover the source of the undead problem.

1st, story xp
First fight
2nd story xp
Zombie fight

Total exp 1010


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